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Measuring Spoons

I have a hard time letting go of material things.  As much as I try to "Marie-Kondo" my house, I can't help but feel everything unused has a second purpose and I just havent found it yet.  Thats not the case with scrap wood.  Most wood workers would use it in their next bonfire, but not me.  I look at a petit wood scrap and think - "Ah that would make the loveliest spoon!"

So, a set of small cherry wood scraps became these measuring spoons for my mom.


June 2020 - Feb. 2021


  • Designing

  • Carving Bowls with Hook Knives

  • Cutting Profile with Bandsaw

  • Shaping with draw knives and carving knives

  • Burnishing

  • Burning with Soldering Iron

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