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A project conducted with the guidance of Harrison Goldberg of the former HG Skis. Together, we designed the ski base, wood core, wood core profile and mold in SolidWorks. As a relatively beginner skier, I chose a simple [110-85-95] profile based off one of Harrison's old ski designs.  I adjusted the ski length to fit me and added a custom notched tail to perfectly accommodate my uphill skins. In total, the skis are made of a composite with UHMW plastic base and sidewall, maple wood core, fiber glass, metal edges, a mahogany veneer (just for looks), clear top sheet and a LOT of epoxy.


Oct. 2020 - Jan. 2021


  • Designing Skis, Wood Core Profile, Ski Mold in SolidWorks

  • Shaping templates on the router table

  • Cutting the Wood Core Profile on a custom router sled

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