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SEED Project

Senior Experience in Engineering Design at the University of Vermont

My SEED project took place during the final year of my Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree.  I worked on a team of 4 interdisciplinary engineers to design a biofeedback mechanism for our client, a Respiratory Therapist. We were tasked with the development of a system of sensors capable of detecting the act of Glossopharyngeal breathing.  Glossopharyngeal Breathing is a technique used by respiratory therapists to increase lung volume recruitment in patients with limited lung capacity such as those with muscular dystrophy or asthma.  Ultimately, our sensors would provide input to a biofeedback video game.


Sept. 2018- May 2019


  • Communications between the client and the team

  • Designing the encasement of both the chest strain sensor and IMU

  • Final detection algorithm

  • Data collection methods

  • Visual representation of function on the locally hosted website

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